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Go to the sports clubs listed on our Clubs page and win more points.


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With the points you've earned you'll be eligible to win FREE football tickets and giveaways in your area each month.

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  • Get e-Newsletter
  • See cool apparel
  • Sports club benefits
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Per month

After your first FREE month.

  • Get e-Newsletter
  • See cool apparel
  • Sports club benefits
  • Monthly discounts
  • Chances to win prizes
  • 20 monthly points

Frequently asked questions

What is Safe In Sound?

Safe In Sound is a youth sports platform offering video content, local sports clubs and giveaways to schoolchildren. 

How much is your app?

As mentioned above, the platform is free-to-use and even free on sign up for the first three months with all the benefits. After that period, members pay £5.00 to unlock points and £10.00 for even more benefits!

Why is called the Safe In Sound App?

Safe In Sound is a PWA app. Click the burger menu button on your browser and install it, in order to receive all of our updates. Plus we liked the name!

Can anyone use the platform?

The Safe In Sound platform is aimed at benefitting UK schoolchildren by providing access to sports with our content.

How did the idea come about?

Even pre-Covid there has never been a one-stop platform providing access to sports content and encouraging daily exercise even on the way to school – Safe In Sound is that platform! Since Covid our reach has increased and the need to help young people has become more paramount.

What happens after sign up?

After you sign up we will begin sending you the official Safe In Sound e-Newsletter. When you earn new poinst we will automatically send you the e-newsletter at the end of each day.

Value of points?

Each action has a different Keys + Krowns value. Watching videos is worth 20 points, going sports clubs is 30 points, walking to school is worth 10 points and buying frrom our stor will earn you 30 points.

The Safe In Sound App is a cross platform optimization app for all devices. Contact Us

Our clients say

"I really like Safe in Sound, especially the walk-to-school check in ability and even the points I've built up already"
Hilary Burns
Leigh, Greater Manchester
"The fact that I get points just from going swimming each week is great...thanks for this app."
Marie Coles
Bromley, Kent
"This is a great app, my dad was really happy with the free football tickets we won recently just from watching sports videos."
Jack Angus
Brighton, West Sussex
"A helpful app. Everyone in my class use it together and the fact that it rewards those who walk means we want to get to school on time every day!"
Heather Brookes
Cardiff, Wales


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